Panel boring machine can open connection holes, do the routing process in fast and
precise way. Thanks to language option, flexible working , fast process, ofis program,
quick program change, operations are doing in serial and precisely

The material is positioned in the X direction with 2 servo
control clamps for series and precise positioning. Carrier
capacity is 4000 mm. Holders able to carry 2300 mm in single
holder. Bigger than 2300 mm length holders are changing the
positions automatically.Thanks to air flolation table workpiece
feedings are processing serial and in precise way.

With 14+1 drilling unit and routing group, connections
drillings and routing process are done in serial
and precise way. Y axis working area is 1200 mm.
Table is design with roller table which is not damage
to the workpiece

Thanks to full automatic toolchanger it ensure serial and fast operation..
(It performs circular emptying, square emptying, curvilinear
cutting, corner rounding and linear shaping on the material)