Omaksan Corporate

Omaksan Makine was established by a skillful and dynamic staff team who combined their industrial experience and want to have a place in the developing machinery industry of Turkey. Its main field of activity is the manufacture of wood processing machinery. Constantly increasing its research and development investments in order to meet the changing needs of the industry and strengthening its institutional infrastructure, our company has become one of the influential players in the industry with its high quality and innovative machinery.

Our Vision

Omaksan Makine targets to become one of the leading companies in the future of the Turkish machinery industry. It is our ultimate and constant goal to become one of the unique institutions making a significant contribution to the increase of the sociocultural welfare of our nation with thye surplus value that we produce for our country.

Out Mission

With our institutional structure which is environmentally friendly and which is based on total quality, we offer smart and user-friendly machinery solutions demanded by the industry. This mission requires us to perform a continuous screening of the industry, identify local and global needs, grow our staff which consist of well-trained and skillful individuals, and increase our accumulation of knowledge that will take us to future.